BeeSafe® Organic Lawn Care Announces the Launch of “BeeSafe® Mission 50″

gI_133962_BeeSafe Mission 50 LogoNH-based company launches first of its kind organic initiative with the BeeSafe® Mission 50 movement. Every year millions of pounds of harmful synthetic chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides are used on lawns all across our country. BeeSafe® has developed a new organic technology that can replace these chemicals. A social media and crowdfunding campaign – BeeSafe® Mission 50 – is underway to get the word out that there is a safer and natural way to have a beautiful lawn.

The goal of BeeSafe® Mission 50 is to convert 50 percent of all lawn care to organic by the year 2025, in order to help protect the environment and the health and safety of children and pets “one lawn at a time” all across the United Sates. The initiative also aims to curb the adverse environmental impact of these chemicals on water pollution and bee colony collapse disorder.

BeeSafe® Organic Lawn Care is building a network of like-minded lawn and landscape professionals that provide their customers with green, healthy lawns using organic inputs instead of traditional pesticides and chemicals. There are now more than 80 Certified BeeSafe® Organic Applicators in 33 states.

The BeeSafe® Program is a healthy alternative to a typical chemical-infused lawn care program. It provides thick, healthy, weed-resistant lawns by focusing on the soil biology. BeeSafe® proprietary products help lawn and landscape service providers transition to an organic lawn with ease.

This is the first ever crowd-funding campaign aimed at converting so many US households to organic by 2025. Indiegogo was chosen as the crowdfunding platform to launch this movement. Please visit the crowd funding page at for more information, or to make a contribution to BeeSafe Mission 50.

Founder Tom Kelly explains, “People need to understand the devastating impact that dangerous pesticides and synthetic chemical fertilizers have on their children, pets, communities and the environment. Studies have linked some of these products with cancer, ADD and asthma in children and lymphoma in dogs, among a long list of other potential health issues. People have the power to have the final say on what products get applied to their lawns, parks and playing fields. By supporting BeeSafe Mission 50, they are adding their voices to a growing number of concerned citizens who insist on a healthier place for their families to live.”

BeeSafe® is a registered trademark of Natural Technologies Inc., a New Hampshire based company specializing in products for organic and sustainable lawn care management. For more information, please contact Tom Kelly at 603-587-0384 and, or visit

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