Burpee Unveils a Second Round of Seeds for 2015

This gardening year, Burpee believes in unveiling its innovations in two acts. The seed and plant leader recently launched an unheralded second round of 24 new 2015 product innovations.  Intense and unusual colors are a hallmark of this second act, with a new royal purple colored corn leading the show and a gorgeous phlox and ‘best of show’ winner at the Royal Horticultural Society closing the performance. The following varieties are exclusively available for purchase online at www.burpee.com:

Top Ten of Burpee’s Newly Released 2015 Products:

  • purple cornCorn, ‘Suntava Full Season Purple’ hybrid: Meet the purplest corn you’ve ever set eyes on, or sunk your teeth into. Plants are purple throughout. A wonderfully healthy variety exclusively from Suntava Home Grown™, the vivid color comes from anthocyanins and a royal purple plenitude of antioxidants.
  • Tomatillo, ‘Gulliver’ hybrid: Our earliest and highest-yielding Burpee Exclusive. Thick, fleshy and slightly acidic fruits produce by the hundreds on trailing plants that can ramble on the ground or be trellised.
  • Tomato, ‘Sunrise Bumble Bee’: ‘Sunrise Bumble Bee’ bursts with sweet tang. The marbled red and yellow cherry-type fruits, weighing just under an ounce, add a burst of color on vigorous plants. Indeterminate.
  • Pea, ‘Little SnapPea Crunch’: Sweet, crunchy peas on compact container-friendly plants help conquer small spaces and cool temperatures. Self-supporting vines, reaching 32″ in raised beds, will be slightly smaller in containers.
  • Heuchera, ‘Obsidian’: Dark-purple, almost black leaves are crowned with creamy-white airy panicles. ‘Obsidian’ features almost black leaves in late spring to early summer; then creamy-white flowers are borne in open, airy panicles on slender 20-24″ stems. Lobed, rounded, leaves form a 8-10″-tall compact basal mound.
  • Anemone japonica, ‘Honorine Jobert’: Refined Japanese anemone cultivar produces a floriferous display of dazzling 2″ white, pink-tinged flowers adorned by frilly yellow stamens with chartreuse centers. In bloom August into September, flowers cluster on erect dark-green 3-4′ stems with oval, palmate, toothed leaves.
  • Clematis texensis, ‘Princess Kate’: Glorious new clematis produces nodding, bell-shaped, flaring 2.25″-long white flowers with pointed petals and scarlet-stained reverse side. Petals encircle rich, plum-toned stamens, gradually revealed as flowers unfurl.
  • Digiplexis, ‘Illumination Raspberry’: Flowering feverishly from spring through hard frost, ‘Illumination Raspberry’ provides many seasons of pleasure. Shrubby foxglove hybrid puts on a non-stop show of spectacular spikes of bold raspberry-pink flowers.
  • Helleborus, ‘Ballerina Ruffles’ Winter Thriller™: Come early spring, ‘Ballerina Ruffles’ performs with Awe fluffy, double 3″ flowers in light to bright pink, often speckled with purple. Heavenly double-flowered hellebore on thick, sturdy stems retains fresh, vivid color long after flowers are spent, up to 12 weeks.
  • Phlox paniculata, Kirchenfuerst: From July to Oct., this fast-growing variety unleashes large trusses of flowers on tall stems with narrow, toothed, mid-green leaves. This beauty won “best in show” at the Royal Horticultural Society in Britain. Delectable scent proves irresistible to well-brought-up butterflies and bees.

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