Conserve Water this Summer in the Yard and Garden

The severe drought in California and throughout most of the West and Midwest has made water conservation a major priority this summer. But even in areas where drought is not currently an issue, it makes sense to treat water as the precious commodity ...

Defend Against Irritating Biting Bugs

Disease-carrying deer (or blacklegged) ticks and mosquitoes, pesky flies and midges (no-see-ums), and even annoying chiggers and ants don't stand a chance against Gardener's new Bug Me Not apparel.

New Products to Help Your Garden Thrive

The castings that worms produce as they eat organic matter are truly Mother Nature’s original fertilizer. In rural New York State, a creative agribusiness now uses millions of hungry worms to recycle organic waste and produce natural fertilizer..

Plant Bulbs During Fall for a Colorful Display of Flowers Come Spring

Spring-flowering bulbs—which include tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and crocuses—are among the most prized flowers in the garden.

Plant a Tree of Scarlet Halo Peaches

Plant a Scarlet Halo peach tree and you will enjoy beautiful pink blossoms in the spring and ready-to-eat fruit early in August. The fruits are juicy and sweet enough to eat right off the tree.

A Sturdy Gothic Arch Greenhouse Design Outlasts the Toughest Weather Conditions

Because of the high profile of the ridge, a Gothic Arch Greenhouse is perfect for growing taller specialty crops.

Grow in Any Season with High Quality Northern Heritage Cedar Greenhouses

Enjoy the beauty and warmth of a solid cedar greenhouse with the new Northern Heritage Greenhouse, which features an energy-efficient design.

Tend Your Garden Year-Round with a Compact Greenhouse

Have limited space for a greenhouse? Now you can grow your own organic food all year—affordably and in a small space.

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