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High Country Gardens Offers New Plants for Fall 2014

High Country Gardens, a top online source for tough perennial plants that thrive in even the most challenging conditions, has introduced new perennials for Fall 2014 planting.

New 4-in-1 Soil Condition Meter Measures PH, Temperature, Moisture & Sunlight Intensity

The DSMM600 quantifies soil characteristics that are essential to determining ideal planting and potting locations, and monitoring ongoing conditions.

New Products to Help Your Garden Thrive

The castings that worms produce as they eat organic matter are truly Mother Nature’s original fertilizer. In rural New York State, a creative agribusiness now uses millions of hungry worms to recycle organic waste and produce natural fertilizer..

New Garden Tools That Get the Job Done

Got plants? iGrow uses patent-pending technology to increase the growth and production of virtually any plant that has a green leaf.

New Products & Events in the Lawn & Garden Community

“Greening” America’s community gardens Local community gardens can apply for the 2014 Nature Hills Nursery Green America Awards, which give national recognition and thousands of dollars in plants to community groups and organizations that are ...

Earth & Turf Products Introduces New Topdresser

Earth & Turf Products, LLC, America’s compact topdresser company, announces its Model 60SP, an economical, very maneuverable, self­propelled topdresser, ideal for spreading dry or wet compost and sand, plus a variety of other materials.

Mantis Acquires ComposTumbler Composter

Mantis will now be able to offer gardening and composting consumers—including those in urban areas—an expanded range of compost bins in various sizes ranging to very compact.

Logee’s Introduces New Fruiting, Rare and Tropical Plants for 2013

Fruiting plants that can be grown in containers and flowering tropical plants are easy to grow both indoors and in outdoor living areas.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds Celebrates 40th Anniversary

For 40 years Johnny’s Selected Seeds has been dedicated to helping families, friends, and communities to feed one another by providing quality seeds, tools, information, and service.

Paladin Attachment’s Innovative Harley D4 Power Box Rake

The new Harley D4 Power Box Rake by Paladin Attachments teams with compact tool carriers to deliver superior leveling, aeration and preparation of soil for seeding.

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