Do I Need to Fertilize My Lawn?

fertilizer_bagsGrass is a low maintenance plant, but even your lawn needs care at regular intervals. Besides trimming, mowing and weeding, you may be asking whether or not it is necessary to fertilize the lawn. As long as it’s done right, this task is essential and will result in the best looking lawn in the neighborhood.

What is Fertilizer?

Fertilizer is basically food for your lawn and the best brands contain the nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus that your grass needs to grow. Soil has many of the elements vital to lawn growth, but even the highest quality soil will have an imbalance of these nutrients over time. Your grass needs to be supplemented with lawn fertilizer to help sustain health and growth.

Although fertilizer will help your grass to achieve that bright color you want, it delivers many more benefits to your lawn than simply an improved appearance. When fertilizer is applied properly it will boost the growth in your yard, creating a full and healthy lawn that will stand up much better against a variety of conditions.

The Damage From Heat and Drought

Heat and drought can do major damage to your lawn, burning up the grass blades and stunting growth. A properly fertilized lawn will be better able to handle the direct heat of the summer, as well as extended drought conditions. Fertilizer helps to create deep root systems that allow grass plants to withstand these typically tough conditions.

The Battle Against Weeds

Weeds are a constant pest in the lawn, trying to take over the space and hog the nutrients that feed the grass, resulting in an unattractive, weak lawn. When your grass is healthy and full the weeds have less chance to invade. And fertilizer is an important step in creating that healthy lawn.

A Strong Start

Fertilizer plays a vital role when starting your lawn from seed or overseeding to fill it in. Providing the right amount of nutrients will allow the seed to establish well, laying the foundation for a strong and healthy lawn. Seed is an investment in time and money and fertilizer protects those investments by helping to create the optimum growing environment.

The Proper Method

Although fertilizer is essential on your lawn, you need to choose the right type and apply it using the proper method. Otherwise you risk the chance of over-fertilization that can result in a burned and destroyed lawn. You need to know your grass well and then pick up the right type of fertilizer before finding out exactly how that fertilizer should be applied. With that knowledge you can help your grass to become healthy and strong, beautiful and well established.

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