Durable Grass Types For a Lush Lawn

grass_carabaoEvery lawn will take a beating from foot traffic, the weather and weed attacks.  The most sought after lawns are those that are planted with durable grass types.  They make it through daily wear and tear year after year, producing a comfortable, full carpet of turf for you to enjoy.  There are a few different types of grass that have earned a reputation for being durable, although which one will work for you depends a lot on the climate and your preferred level of maintenance.

Cool Season Grass Types With Durability

For those in areas where the temperature drops, a cool season grass is needed.  Think about the durable creeping bentgrass – which presents a picture perfect green lawn that will take whatever you can throw at it.  Be warned that although bentgrass is durable, it also requires a lot of maintenance to keep it looking shiny and bright.  “Emerald” is a sought after strain that many golf courses use for stunning and well manicured greens.

Kentucky Bluegrass is another highly popular cool season grass.  Although it has good durability in the face of traffic, this type of grass also requires regular dethatching and frequent feedings for it to retain the sparkling color it is so famous for.  “Nugget” and “Columbia” are two common strains of Kentucky Bluegrass that present a healthy lawn.

There are a few grass varieties that require a little less work but provide similar levels of durability.  The Hard Fescue and Tall Fescue types take some work to establish, but once they are rooted well you can count on them to thrive.  Hard Fescue holds up well in a drought and Tall Fescue is ideal for shady areas of your lawn.

Warm Season Grass Types With Durability

For those warmer areas of the continent, there is a selection of grass types that offer the durability you need.  In full sun the Improved Bermuda variety is an excellent choice that will stand up to heavy foot traffic without a problem.  It does require regular watering, feeding and dethatching to keep this fine grass growing well.  But Improved Bermuda is hardy even on the most heavily trafficked lawns.

Common Bermuda grass is also good for warmer climates.  This variety is perfect for play or sports areas and can take a drought well, but don’t be alarmed when it goes dormant for a short period over the winter season.

Bahia Grass, particularly strains like “Pensacola,” are a good choice for warm areas and require only infrequent watering.  Keep on top of your mowing schedule or this aggressive growing grass will look straggly in no time.  Zoysia Grass is another variety that needs to be mowed regularly, although it is slower to establish.  Zoysia strains are hardy against pests and diseases, grow well in the shade and don’t need a lot of maintenance.

Choose a durable grass type that is well suited for your climate and one that you can take care of.  Some are more high maintenance than others, but all of the types listed are known for their durability and will provide a lawn that will take what you and nature throw at it.

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