First Time Gardeners Should Start Small: The Earth Box Junior

Are you starting a vegetable or herb garden for the first time this year? If you’ve never grown edibles before, it’s best to start with a small garden. “The smaller your first garden, the more likely you will be successful,” advises Master Gardener Randy Schultz. “When you’re learning about gardening, simple things such as fertilizing plants and controlling insects can seem overwhelming. Starting small will help ensure that your first harvest will be one you can fondly build upon next year.”

One great way to learn vegetable gardening is to start with an EarthBox®. Growing vegetables in an EarthBox is easier than growing plants in the ground, because the EarthBox controls the amount of water and fertilizer the plants receive. The result is healthier plants and bigger harvests. This year, EarthBox introduced a smaller version of its popular growing container called the EarthBox® Junior™. Because the EarthBox Junior measures a compact 23 inches long by 7.25 inches wide and 9.5 inches tall, it is ideal for a kitchen herb garden. EarthBox Junior fits into the smallest of spaces, such as on a windowsill, sunny kitchen counter, balcony or patio. Like the original EarthBox, the EarthBox Junior has a water reservoir that automatically wicks the proper amount of moisture to the plants. The original EarthBox sells for $32.95 and the EarthBox Junior sells for $24.95 from EarthBox.

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