Florida Company Gains Buzz with Bee-Friendly Insecticide

3in1-LandingOne important facet of organic gardening is product safety toward beneficial insects, and the protection of honeybees is of paramount concern as they pollinate many of the world’s plants, accounting for up to 30% of the production of food crops. The issue of bee safety is important because the native bee population is declining worldwide due in part to harmful pesticide use. The European Union has banned a certain class of pesticides—neonicontinoids—and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently issued a moratorium on new applications for their use (http://www2.epa.gov/pollinator-protection/epa-actions-protect-pollinators). Consumers and agricultural producers seeking a “bee friendly” insecticide now have a laboratory tested alternative.

Organic Laboratories recently engaged i2L Research, a respected laboratory in the United Kingdom, to evaluate the effects of Organocide® 3-in-1 Garden Spray® on honeybees. In summary,

“A Good Laboratory Practice study was conducted to assess the acute contact toxicity of a 5% sesame oil product, Organocide® 3-in-1 Garden Spray®, to honey bees (Apis mellifera).  The study design followed EPA (2012) test guidelines. Four microliters of product was topically applied to adult bee workers at a single rate.

Three ounces of Organocide® 3-in-1 Garden Spray® mixed with one gallon of water exhibited zero percent bee mortality over a 48 hour test period and zero percent bee mortality over a 96 hour test period, whereas the untreated control and solvent control exhibited zero percent and eight percent bee mortality over 96 hour test period, respectively.  It can be concluded that no adverse effect of the test items to honey bees was found.”

The complete study is available at the company’s website, http://www.yourplantdoctor.com/bee-friendly/.

Organocide® 3-in-1 Garden Spray® is proven effective in destroying aphids, whiteflies, spider mites and other soft-bodied insects along with certain fungal diseases.  Derived from natural oils, the spray is also safe to use around homes, children and pets.

“Creating products that are effective and safe has always been a priority,” said Organic Laboratories’ Operations Manager, Rick Barr.  “We welcome the opportunity to share our latest testing results with Organocide’s loyal customers and prospective users here and abroad. Questions regarding our products are invited.”  Organic Laboratories offers a complete line of plant growth and control products for home gardeners, indoor gardeners and agricultural professionals.

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