Global Syn-Turf Releases Hollow Blade, Artificial Grass That Keeps Moisture Inside to Stabilize the Temperature of the Lawn

Global Syn-Turf LogoGlobal Syn-Turf, Inc, the leading manufacturer in the artificial grass industry is pleased to announce first of its kind technology – Hollow Blade, which prevents moisture from transpiration. GST’s unique technologies and remarkable designs allow the grass to look natural and realistic for years to come. They stay cool in high temperatures and stay green and fresh in cold weather conditions.

“We are proud to introduce our latest revolutionary product, Hollow Blade, in the market since we are the very first and the only company to offer this product to the people.  The Hollow Blade is exclusively aimed to keep your lawns green and cool at an affordable price,” said Rachel Brady, Sales and Marketing Manager, Global Syn-Turf. This latest blade designed by GST has a hollow veil in the center of the grass which ensures that the temperature of the lawn continues to be stable despite the hot climate.

The most important element in the artificial grass industry is creating a right angle during blade designing since it plays a crucial role for sunlight reflection. Failing to do so causes a substantial rise in the lawn temperature. However, Global Syn-Turf displayed a great leap forward and has successfully provided a phenomenal solution with its latest blade design Hollow Blade.

“Our team at Global Syn-Turf has combatted the single biggest challenge in the artificial grass industry today and that is lawns turning hot during bright sunny days. However, our customers can now heave a sigh of relief since Hollow Blade will prevent water transpiration thereby maintaining the lawn temperature regardless of harsh weather condition,” said Brady

It is not for the first time that GST has launched its breakthrough products in the artificial grass industry. The company established since 2009 have been consistently producing state-of-the-art products to its customers over 60 countries. All the GST products have passed vigorous tests and have far exceeded government standards.

Hollow Blade is eco-friendly, certified by independent laboratories, and can withstand rough wear-and-tear and extreme weather conditions for approximately twenty years under standard use. Installation of Hollow Blade can eliminate the unnecessary water expense for the next two decades because this blade has been specially crafted to prevent water from transpiration. Hollow Blade is indispensable for pet areas, playgrounds, and the landscape for residential and commercial purposes.

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