How to Grow Eco Friendly Lawns

pure_freshnessToday people are going green wherever they can. In the home and out, choosing eco friendly products and designing your living space to be better for the environment is the responsible thing to do. It can be easier than you think to have an eco friendly lawn that is also beautiful and low maintenance. The key is in knowing how to start and care for this type of yard.

What Characteristics Make Up an Eco Friendly Lawn?

Your grass can be considered environmentally friendly in a few different ways. If the soil is healthy and stays that way without the use of harmful chemicals and toxins you have made an important step towards a “green” lawn. Also, pest and weed control are handled naturally in an eco friendly yard.

What to Avoid When Growing Grass the Green Way

Essentially you want to avoid all chemical-based products that will in turn contaminate the soil and ground water, affecting your grass and the surrounding area. First create the optimum soil using organics and essential soil nutrients and then choose the proper type of grass for your climate. These two steps alone will put you well on the way to a healthy, green lawn.

Do not choose a grass seed or order sod without finding out the best variety for your climate and do not plant the seeds or lay the sod on unprepared soil. Not only will this set you back in the health of the grass, but it will require extensive work (and possibly expense) later to bring the lawn to its full potential.

The Eco Friendly Alternatives

Weed killers (herbicides) and pest killers (pesticides) are often used on residential lawns. These products are not the best choice for a healthy environment. An eco friendly lawn is planned out and maintained to avoid weed growth and pest infestation, removing the need for harmful chemicals to kill these annoyances. In certain cases, there are green alternatives to deter and eliminate pests and spots of weeds but they include natural products or processes that have no negative effects on the environment.

A properly cared for lawn will grow strong and thrive, pushing out weeds and eliminating situations where pests and disease can cause damage. Using the natural properties of healthy grass, this type of lawn may not be absolutely perfect, but it will be thriving and not contributing to any harmful conditions in the soil or water.

Using eco friendly fertilizers such as composted manure or mulched grass clippings to provide the nutrients your lawn needs is the eco friendly way to go. Cutting back your emissions with eco friendly lawn mowers is another way to have a lawn that’s green in more ways than one.
With simple changes and the proper outlook you can have an eco friendly lawn that’s beautiful, functional and fairly low maintenance.

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