Japan Woodworker Adds Silky Garden Saws to Product Line

gI_87002_Silky_BigBoyJapan Woodworker has added high quality Silky garden saws to its Japanese hand tool product line to give customers a variety of dependable choices for their gardening and outdoor cutting projects.

“These Japanese garden saws from Silky feature blades that have an incredibly long service life, the key to their popularity since saws are subjected to rough treatment and blades are notorious for breaking,” Woodcraft product manager George Snyder said. “Silky uses a unique alloy steel engineered and produced exclusively for the Ono-based Japanese manufacturer.”

Innovative Mirai-Me technology is used to produce most of the Silky saw blades, giving each blade precision ground razor-sharp teeth with four cutting angles along their length. This design leaves a smooth surface after cutting, which is ideal for pruning and greatly reduces the risk of plant infection.

Like all Japanese saws, these garden saws are designed for use with a pull stroke, which Snyder says allows the blades to be thinner and thus easier to keep sharp longer. The pull stroke design also makes it easier to cut with less effort and body strain.

“Another plus for the user is the ergonomically designed rubber compound handle that greatly reduces fatigue and does not become slippery, even when wet,” Snyder said.

The reasonably priced Silky saws are not one-size-fits-all tools, Snyder said. “Each saw is designed for specific tasks, from the Katanaboy with a 19-4/5″ blade that rivals a chainsaw in cutting timber to the compact Pocketboy that can handle many routine garden and outdoor cutting tasks.”

Silky offers curved blade, straight blade, curved blade folding and straight blade folding saws. Each fixed blade saw comes with a custom designed scabbard, while each folding blade saw is designed to protect the blade when folded.

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