Kohler Introduces Engine Repower Specs for Mowers

Vertical-shaft KOHLER® Confidant™ 21 horsepower twin-cylinder models (recoil or electric start).

Vertical-shaft KOHLER® Confidant™ 21 horsepower twin-cylinder models (recoil or electric start).

Wis. – April 8, 2014 – Kohler has introduced new engine repower options for commercial wide-area walk-behind and stand-on mowers in time for the spring mowing season. Commercial landscapers who take advantage of the offer at participating Kohler dealers nationwide will receive special pricing on both the engine and muffler kit, making it an affordable and attractive option for repowering existing mowers.

Available are two vertical-shaft KOHLER® Confidant™ 21 horsepower twin-cylinder models (recoil or electric start), tested to exceed Kohler’s commercial duty-cycle demand and offering many features that appeal to landscapers, such as a heavy-duty cyclonic air cleaner that traps fine contaminants such as grass to help maximize power and engine life. The air cleaner on KOHLER engines will likely offer better performance than the one on current engines in many wide-area walk-behind mowers. Kohler’s side-mount muffler is a popular option for wide-area walk-behind mowers, and additional muffler options are in development.

Landscapers and dealers will also find repowering with KOHLER engines a breeze. Kohler has created a “Repower Description Guide” containing everything dealers need to know about an engine to perform a repower, including: engine and muffler dimensions, PTO crank size, and wiring harness diagrams.

“The Confidant engine is really versatile for a repower, with the choke and throttle control bracket allowing for multiple cable configurations and offering a good fit to make ongoing mower maintenance easy,” said Buff Doty, owner of Biddy Saw Works in Columbus, Miss. “Our customer says the Confidant starts easy with the pull start, and after testing it for a week he’s looking at repowering another mower with the Confidant.”

Introduced in fall 2013, the KOHLER Confidant engine offers the durability and reliability commercial landscapers demand. It features quick, reliable starting and Consistent-Cut™ technology to provide consistent power to the deck, a cast-iron cylinder liner to protect the engine in extreme operating conditions, and a heavy-duty professional filtration bundle. The high-impact nylon shroud and valve cover protect internal components when mowing around bushes and branches, and the chopper grass screen guard prevents grass and debris build-up.

KOHLER engines are installed and serviced by more than 9,000 registered dealers across the U.S. To find one near you, go to http://www.kohlerengines.com/wheretobuy/landing.htm.

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