LumiGrow Gives Growers Fine-Tuned Control over Lighting with New SmartPAR™ System

LumiGrow, Inc., the leader in greenhouse spectrum control systems, announces the most advanced lighting control system in horticulture. It’s called SmartPAR™, and it offers growers the same kind of control over the light environment as they have over most other parts of the greenhouse and indoor growing environments. This is great news for current customers as the best-selling LumiGrow Pro 325, LumiGrow Pro 650 and the LumiGrow LumiBar lines of LED lights are already equipped to work with SmartPAR software. The SmartPAR system’s subscription pricing model is even better news for growers who are looking to buy energy-efficient LEDs that save them money with each electrical bill.

“We know our customers need every advantage they can get to maximize yields without increasing the size or expense of their operation,” said Kevin Wells, CEO, LumiGrow. “The SmartPAR system is the next step in helping LumiGrow customers do just that. Ease of installation, the convenience of remote monitoring and control, and shared-savings payment plans all make advanced spectrum control a ‘must have’ for growers.”

The LumiGrow team holds four patents on the SmartPAR system with more on the way. The patented system’s software and hardware work together to offer first-of-its-kind spectrum control, allowing growers to target plants with the kind of light they need when they need it to accelerate crop cycles, improve crop performance, enhance flavor and improve nutrition. For current LumiGrow customers to adopt the system, all they need are the communications and control units to connect already-enabled lights. New customers will be able to install the whole system at once — from the lights themselves down to the software application for their smart phone. Both old and new customers can take advantage of shared savings payments plans that match payments to monthly energy savings while they reap the energy-saving and profit-increasing benefits of the system from day one.smartPAR-diagram-300x203

The following are typical uses of the LumiGrow SmartPAR software service:
Create separate lighting zones to differentiate production areas
Remotely control the spectral output of zones to improve crop yield, productivity and energy efficiency
Monitor the lighting system using real-time feedback for fixture maintenance and facility management
Adjust light levels as needed when crop needs and available sunlight changes

The SmartPAR system has been beta tested by five major growers and agribusinesses which means that even the largest grower can be assured that the system will work for them. LumiGrow is scheduling installation appointments now. For more information about SmartPAR and LumiGrow, visit or call 1-800-514-0487.

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