Mantis Acquires ComposTumbler Composter



Mantis®, a leading manufacturer of home yard and gardening equipment, has announced the acquisition of ComposTumbler®, the best-selling drum composter in the world.

Well known for its famous hand-held tiller/cultivator, Mantis has been offering the ComposT-Twin, a dual-chamber rotating compost bin, for over 15 years. With the acquisition of the ComposTumbler line of products, Mantis will now be able to offer gardening and composting consumers—including those in urban areas—an expanded range of compost bins in various sizes ranging to very compact.

Originally developed in 1974, ComposTumbler has been manufacturing composters in the United States in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, since 1979. Mantis plans to manufacture the ComposTumbler products from its existing facility in southeastern Pennsylvania (Southampton, PA).

Pat Cappucci, president of Schiller Grounds Care, Inc., the company that owns the Mantis brand, believes the acquisition will enable Mantis to capitalize on the growing composting market and better serve its loyal customer base: “We know that many of our customers are avid composters, and being able to offer them a wider range of options enhances our brand promise to make gardening easier.”

In addition to the original ComposTumbler, there are four other models: the Compact, the Back Porch, the dual-bin ComposTumbler2 and the Easy Spin. For more information on these products, please visit

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