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BURLINGTON, Vt. — If you keep a summer garden, flowerbeds or containers, there’s one summertime chore you can’t get around: watering. Though buying a hose, sprinkler or watering can to help with the task might be tempting, one generic tool won’t solve every backyard watering challenge.

Gardener’s Supply Company, a web and catalog retailer of earth-friendly gardening products, recommends determining your specific watering needs before you shop for a solution. Consider your garden, your work style and the amount of time you have to devote to watering, and your chosen watering tools will do more work in less time. Here, Gardener’s Supply describes four common types of gardens and the newest specialty gear to help you keep your garden well-watered and growing green, even on the hottest summer days.

Garden Type: Porch and Deck Containers

Containers make it possible to put a garden nearly anywhere, even on a deck, balcony or front stoop. However, containers can dry out quickly and require more frequent watering, especially on sunny days—and many porches don’t have easy access to a water source.

Options like the Self-Watering Balcony Hanging Basket, the Balcony Railing Planter and exclusive Self-Watering Rolling Planters include a convenient built-in water reservoir that provides the ideal amount of moisture over a long period of time, even during vacations.

Existing containers can be retro-fitted with clever solutions that hold and release water gradually. The exclusive Self-Watering Conversion Kit transforms a favorite pot or container with a hidden water reservoir, while absorbent products such as Terra-Sorb crystals, fabric Hydro-Mats and exclusive fired clay Aqua Pebbles keep soil moist from within. Similarly, exclusive Terra Cotta Aquacone® Watering Devices, which use a recycled bottle to hold water, can be placed into the soil from above to deliver moisture directly to a plant’s roots.

Garden Type: Vegetables and Herbs for the Kitchen

Healthy, home-grown produce thrives on sunlight, nutrient-packed soil and fresh water. Since a steady rainfall can’t be guaranteed, gardeners and Mother Nature need to team up to provide a constant supply of moisture, especially for thirsty tomatoes.

Snip-n-Drip Soaker Systems allow customization of hose lengths to accommodate any garden set up, including regular garden rows and raised beds. Set any system up just once and it stays in place all season to keep roots healthy and moist. Since water goes directly where it’s needed most, watering is more efficient and less expensive.

Durable metal sprinklers like the steel and brass Lifetime Sprinkler and exclusive 60-inch tall Hi-Rise Lifetime Sprinkler create fine droplets that cover large areas quickly. Even professional gardeners trust these tried-and-true watering tools. The stylish Copper Lily Sprinkler adds an artistic element to any garden while doing the hard work of watering.

Garden Type: Landscaped with Flowers, Shrubs and Trees

Multiple flowerbeds, spread over a large space, add beauty and a burst of color…but their size and soil requirements mean watering must be carefully planned. Add plantings like shrubs and trees and you have a potentially complicated, time-consuming watering arrangement.

An assortment of specialty sprinklers helps to cover large spaces efficiently and without excess water waste. The exclusive Snip-n-Spray Garden and Landscape Sprinkler System drought-proofs any garden with its customizable hose, coupler and sprinkler components. Simply set the hose in a path around the garden, add sprinklers where needed and adjust the spray. The Fan Spot Sprinkler’s built-in stake lets gardeners pick a temporary place for watering, without having to stand and hold the hose. For small and hard-to-reach areas, such as under trees or shrubs, the Water Bubbler provides a constant, soaking stream without washing away mulch or soil.

Garden Type: So Many Plants, So Little Time

Many people love their gardens but don’t have quite as much time as they’d like to tend them—or they take on a little bit more garden than they can handle.

In addition to soakers and sprinklers, timers can be a busy gardener’s best friend. Used in conjunction with a Snip-n-Drip Soaker System or the Snip-n-Spray Garden and Landscape Sprinkler System, or a favorite sprinkler, the Water Timer and Flow Meter will water for a set amount of time or until a specified amount of water has been applied.

Time- and frustration-saving Push-Button Tap Adapters mean no more turning of stiff faucet knobs. Install one or two hoses with the attached swivel brass hose couplings, then use the ergonomic push-button to control water flow as you wish, with just a click. Add the lightweight, telescoping Push-Button Multi-Watering Wand to reach up, over, under and around plants without complicated adjustments or equipment changes—choose from nine different spray patterns. The Push-Button Nozzle also features comfortable, one-hand control and an adjustable spray pattern.

To purchase these and other new watering items, gardeners may shop online at, browse the Gardener’s Supply Summer 2013 catalog or call 1-800-955-3370.
Founded in 1983, Gardener’s Supply is an employee-owned company of avid gardeners providing garden-tested, earth-friendly products combined with practical information. Located in Burlington, Vermont, the company has won many awards for its patented products and innovative management style. Gardener’s Supply can be found on the web at

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