New Deer Deterrent Programs from DeerTech and SavATree

DeerTech, A SavATree Company, introduces two new services to prevent deer damage during fall and winter months: Buck Rub Prevention and Clear Repellents. These services complement existing winter sprays and patented ultrasound technology which is paired with a proprietary treatment program.

“These new services will help properties avoid the ravages of deer during a particularly challenging time,” explained Greg Van Steinburgh, Deer Tech’s Program Director.

Buck Rub Prevention Services
Buck Rub Prevention Services are specifically designed to protect trees during deer mating season which generally starts in September and tapers off in November, depending on location and environmental conditions. Injury caused by mating behavior during “the rut” typically consists of gouges in bark or bark that is completely stripped off of lower tree trunks and branches, particularly on cherry, pear and cedar trees.

Starting in early September, male deer (bucks) testosterone levels increase as they begin to search for mates. Bucks start to rub off the “velvet” or soft coating of tissue that is on their antlers at first (buck rub). This is a way for male deer to mark their territory and also releases the pheromone used to attract mates. Deer will continue to rub their heads and antlers against trees throughout their territory, which can cause serious damage or, in extreme cases, kill trees. In certain situations, trees will not survive since the injury leaves them vulnerable to disease and a host of other issues. SavATree installs protective fencing to prevent buck rub damage, especially on the young, ornamental trees deer tend to favor.

Clear Deer Repellent
DeerTech also introduces a new clear deer repellent service that can be tailored to the needs and dynamics of any property and landscape. Timed repellent applications target the precise plants deer are feeding on at specific times of year. Clients can choose how many treatments they would like and, working with their arborist, time them for optimal results. Made from natural ingredients such as eggs, rosemary and peppermint, these applications leave no visible residues. Choose as many treatments as you like so you can plant all your favorite seasonal and perennial flowers and outsmart hungry deer all year long.

About SavATree
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