New WORX Electric Pole Saw Cuts Two Ways for Spring Pruning and Yard Clean-up

Late winter through early spring are among the most important times of year to prune and trim trees and shrubs, as well as tackle yard clean-up chores, with the WORX electric pole saw. Problems might include broken branches that could pose a safety hazard, limbs that rub against the house and those that hang over walkways or interfere with other branches. Limbs also should be removed if they are diseased or infested with insects.

The WORX electric pole saw is equipped with a 10-inch bar and chain, which is driven by a powerful 8-amp motor. It’s simple to install or remove the saw’s extension pole without using tools. Just slip the saw’s handle into the snug-fitting sleeve at the end of the pole and secure the saw by hand-tightening a large screw knob.

The pole saw weighs only 10 lbs., making it easy to lift and maneuver. Overmolds are provided on the front and rear handles to improve operator comfort and control, especially when the saw is used for extended periods. The saw is capable of cutting trees up to 19½ inches in diameter.

The versatile pole saw includes the patented Auto-Chain Tension system, an easy-to-use chain tensioning and replacement system found only on WORX chain saws. Simply turn a large dial on the saw’s body and the system sets the proper chain tension to prevent over-tightening.

worx sawThe automatic oiler system includes a reservoir with an oil level indicator, showing when a refill is needed. Constant lubrication is provided to both the bar and chain during operation. The eco-friendly WORX electric pole saw is emission-free and has low operating and maintenance costs, compared to gas-powered models. It is covered by a WORX three-year warranty.

The WORX 10 in., 8A Electric Pole Saw (WG309, $99.99) is available at Lowe’s and an 8 in. version can be found at Walmart (WG310, $99.99).

For lighter-duty yard clean-up, homeowners should consider the WORX JawSaw® that’s engineered to safely cut branches up to 4 inch diameter directly on the ground, above ground and overhead.

Other gas or electric chain saws require lifting of heavy limbs off the ground to cut. Striking the ground with a conventional chain saw is likely to damage the chain and bar, as well as increase the risk of kickback. Since JawSaw’s chain is enclosed, it never touches the ground. The JawSaw’s steel teeth hold the wood in place while cutting at the proper angle.

To reach tree limbs up to 12 feet from the ground, the JawSaw’s 5-foot extension pole can be used. The extension pole requires no tools to attach or detach. JawSaw also features the Auto-Tension chain tensioning and replacement system, as well as the WORX automatic oiler system.

JawSaw (WG307, $99.99) and JawSaw 5-ft. Extension Pole (WA0163, $39.99) are available at and other online retailers, in addition to Lowe’s and Menards. The JawSaw is covered by a WORX three-year warranty

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