Plant a Tree of Scarlet Halo Peaches

PeachesGot peaches? You will if you plant a Scarlet Halo peach tree. Scarlet Halo gets its name from the scarlet-colored flesh of its ripe peaches that boast superb flavor and an interesting shape. A Scarlet Halo peach is often referred to as a “donut peach” because of its flat, compressed shape. The combination of the scarlet flesh and the unique shape sets this peach variety apart from supermarket peaches.

But that’s not the only unusual thing about this variety. A Scarlet Halo peach tree fits into almost any landscape because of its columnar shape. A Scarlet Halo tree doesn’t get wide like other peach tree varieties, so it can be grown in a small yard and in narrow places where other fruit trees just won’t cut it.

Plant a Scarlett Halo peach tree and you will enjoy beautiful pink blossoms in the spring and ready-to-eat fruit early in August. The fruits are juicy and sweet enough to eat right off the tree. They are also perfect for preserves, pies, turnovers and other delightful dishes. Scarlet Halo peach trees are available for $53.94 each from

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