Rain Bird Launches New DIY Below Ground Drip Irrigation Tubing For Homeowners

SubsurfaceEmitterTubing_mdWater is vital to the life of your garden and yard, yet gardeners often waste this precious resource. Whether your area is suffering from a drought or not, the new Rain Bird Sub-Surface Emitter Tubing delivers the most efficient method of watering gardens, shrub areas and ground cover with Rain Bird’s Copper Shield™ Technology. This technology allows water to consistently flow directly to the roots of every plant with 90 percent watering efficiency. Drip irrigation with Sub-Surface Emitter Tubing will yield up to 70 percent water savings versus traditional irrigation.

The patent pending Sub-Surface Emitter Tubing has a unique dual-layered construction with internal Copper Shield™ Technology that inhibits root intrusion. The 33 pressure compensating emitters distributes water directly to the plants’ root systems along the entire 50′ of tubing and eliminates runoff and evaporation in high sun and heat situations.

The innovative tubing is long lasting, durable and resists UV damage and clogging, making it ideal for flower beds and organic gardening. The tubing importantly allows homeowners to enjoy and maintain their gardens without the visual barriers of any drip lines or sprinklers.

“This new system offers do-it-yourselfers a great water-saving method of keeping their gardens beautiful,” says Ray Peppiatt, Marketing Manager, Rain Bird Consumer Products Division. “This technology delivers water directly to the root of the plant, and continues Rain Bird’s commitment to develop products and technologies that use water efficiently.”

Rain Bird’s Sub-Surface Emitter Tubing retails for under $25 and is available now at major home improvement centers, hardware stores and online retailers. The copper colored tubing comes in packages of 50 linear feet and is capable of watering a typical raised bed garden, conveniently sourcing water from an existing drip line or any outdoor hose faucet. The system works both above and below mulch or ground.

Lawn World
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