Snow Joe Charges Up For Winter With New Snow Joe iON

EDISON, N.J., September 30, 2013 – Just charge it. Consumers looking for a convenient and powerful solution for snow removal – meet the latest in winter weather technology: Snow Joe iON – the first and only cordless and gas-free snow thrower on the market. It’s also easy-to-use and eco-friendly, providing homeowners in snowy areas with an ideal solution for the season.

The Snow Joe iON is always ready to handle snow removal, thanks to its instant start and cordless, gas-free operation. Made with a 40- EcoSharp™ Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery, Snow Joe iON packs plenty of power with whisper-quiet performance that consumers can’t get with gas and electric starts. After a two and a half to three-hour charge, iON can run for 25-40 minutes to clear an 18” wide and 8” deep path.

Snow Joe iON18SB

Snow Joe iON18SB

“Snow Joe iON is ideal for those looking for state-of-the-art technology that is powerful, yet easy to use,” said Joseph Cohen, president and CEO of Snow Joe. “Until now, homeowners faced a lot of intimidation with snow removal equipment. iON is the first to eliminate electric cords and gas operation and operate just as most electronics do today – with a simple charge.”

Although snow is white, removal is green thanks to Snow Joe iON’s eco-friendly battery design. There are no emissions from gas or oil, and battery itself is Energy Star certified. Other features which help to make Snow Joe a go-to tool include a 3W LED headlight, which allows users to remove snow in the early morning hours before work or after dinnertime. In addition, a 180-degree auto-rotate chute can easily rotate with a push of a finger to control the snow stream, throwing it up to 20 feet and moving up to 495 pounds per minute with the two-blade rotor.

“Coupled with the many features we built into the machine, the Snow Joe iON’s cord- and gas-free design makes it a standout solution for snow removal,” said Cohen. “Its versatility will help consumers easily weather – and conquer – the storms throughout the winter.”

Snow Joe iON is available now at select retailers, with full availability by October 15 at:; Brookstone; Hammacher Schlemmer;; Power Equipment Direct; Sharper Image and It is available for $399.99.

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