The Best Eco Friendly Lawn Mowers

mower_cleanIn an effort to have more environmentally friendly lawns, homeowners around the world are searching for maintenance equipment that will line up with their green philosophy.

New Eco Friendly Mowers
Gas lawn mowers are not considered environmentally friendly due to the amount of harmful emissions they pump into the air. These gas-powered motors are worse than those on cars and trucks because mowers are not fitted with any smog reduction devices. Small motors make this type of attachment uneconomical and so the motors on typical gas lawn mowers pump out pollution every time you cut your grass.

Some of the newer, larger riding lawn mowers (over 20 hp) may be equipped with smog control, but you will need to check carefully and the price tag will likely reflect this option.

Electric mowers offer a slightly better option than gas-powered, being as they have no emissions. Some are cordless and come with a battery that can be partially recycled at the end of its life. But electricity is still generated with coal, nuclear power and other non-eco friendly methods, making this product better but not the best for the environment.

One of the best mowers to buy from a green living standpoint is a push or reel mower. These mowers spin while you push them around the yard, resulting in a close trim that requires no power but your own. Good for physical exercise and great for the environment, the problem with reel mowers is that they cannot efficiently service a large yard. For smaller, suburban homes the reel lawn mower is an excellent option, but rural spaces may need to look into an efficient riding mower with pollution reduction attachments.

Sprucing Up Your Existing Mower to be More Eco Friendly
If you already have a mower you can improve the eco friendliness of the equipment with a few simple steps. Always be sure that the blade is well sharpened. A sharp blade will cut the grass better, resulting in less pulling and tearing. These actions harm the grass and leave it susceptible to disease and infections that will damage growth.

Also, be sure to set the blades of your mower a little higher. For warm-season grasses and sunnier areas 2.5” inches is a good grass height, while in the more northern areas where cool-season grass and shady climates dominate 3.5” is best. This will help the grass grow stronger and develop deeper root systems, creating a naturally healthy lawn.

A mulching attachment is another good idea for your existing lawn mower, as mulched grass clippings can provide the nutrients your growing lawn needs and act as an excellent eco friendly organic fertilizer.

Whether you are buying a new mower or making adjustments to your existing model, it’s important to be sure your most essential lawn maintenance equipment.

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