The Espoma Organic Company Introduces Revolutionary – No Measure, No Mess – Liquid Plant Food Line

gI_136454_Liquid FamilyA new line of liquid plant food is about to shake up the gardening world. The Espoma Organic Company, pioneer in natural gardening solutions since 1929, will introduce Espoma organic Start!, Bloom! and Grow!, at this summer’s IGC Shows.

“These new liquid plant foods will produce results head and shoulders over any other brand
on the market,” says Jeremy Brunner, Espoma vice president.

Start!, Bloom! and Grow! are low in salts and made with all-natural ingredients. They are safer and healthier for plants and don’t leave a fishy smell behind. And because they are liquid, they work immediately to give plants what they need most.

Providing the right balance of natural proteins, kelp extracts, humic acids and a proprietary blend of beneficial microbes, Start!, Bloom! and Grow! each help plants grow bigger, better, and more beautiful.

Plus the new, innovative Easy Dose cap makes fertilizing less of a guessing game. Each dose gives a precise feeding of specially formulated nutrients. Simply open the flip-top lid, invert the bottle and release a pre-measured dose of product directly into the watering can. “There is no need to measure and no more mess involved,” says Brunner. “Consumers are going to love how easy it is to feed their plants a healthy drink and get great results.”

Espoma’s organic liquid plant foods are safe to handle. Apply directly to the roots for fast-acting results. The products are also safe for use around children and pets.

Pre-order the new liquid plant foods now. They will be available to consumers January 2016.

The Espoma Company is a fourth generation, family-owned business that has been the pioneer in organic gardening since 1929. Espoma products work in harmony with nature to grow beautiful lawns & gardens, preserve natural resources, and make a greener world for future generations. Espoma offers a complete selection of natural plant foods, lawn foods, control products, and potting mixes that are available nationwide. For additional information, visit

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