Toro Can Handle Your Biggest Snowfalls

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (Winter 2011) – When you’re faced with hefty snowfalls, you need a heavy-duty machine that can handle the job. Toro® Power Max® two-stage snowblowers give you the muscle to power through deep drifts without breaking your back. Built on Toro’s 60-year heritage of making overachieving, durable snowblowers, the 2012 model lineup is ready to take on even the worst winter weather.

Two-stage snowblowers handle snow in two ways. First, the snow is brought into the machine by an auger. Then, it is thrown out by an impeller. This two-stage process allows snow to be thrown farther, making the Power Max snowblower the tool of choice for large driveways buried in deep, compacted snow.

Innovative features on the two-stage models include the Power Max Anti-Clogging System (ACS). This system helps prevent clogging by regulating snow intake and throwing clog-inducing excess snow back into the auger by way of the domed auger housing.

In addition to their powerful snow throwing capacity, Power Max snowblowers receive high marks from homeowners for their easy handling. “Toro’s Quick Stick® chute control allows operators to easily adjust the chute rotation and deflection angle with one simple lever,” explains Tanner Erickson, Toro associate marketing manager. “Operators simply depress the locking mechanism, and move the chute into position.”

Other Toro innovations found on Power Max models include convenient levers that allow for one-handed operation, keeping one hand free to adjust the direction of the snow without stopping. End-of-the-row turns are simple, thanks to handle-mounted triggers found on most Power Max models that make it easy to disengage one or both wheels. The ability to turn on a dime means you’ll get the job done that much faster.

Not only are the Toro Power Max models innovative, they’re rugged too, with commercial-grade auger gearboxes that do not require troublesome shear pins found on competitive products. Toro machines feature oversized gears that can handle higher stresses, and the auger housing is reinforced for added strength. The chute, deflector, and ACS are made out of a special polymer material for extreme cold weather applications — and backed by a lifetime, limited warranty (see retailer for warranty details).

Power Max models range from the new Power Max 726 OE at $1,099.95 (MSRP) to the Power Max 1128 OXE at $1,999.95 (MSRP). All Toro Power Max snowblowers are covered by a three-year limited warranty (see retailer for warranty details). Look for the complete snowblower line at your local authorized Toro dealer. Select models can be purchased at The Home Depot® stores.

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