Toro Introduces Improved Workman® MDX and MDX-D Vehicles

The Toro® Workman® MDX and MDX-D have been reintroduced to the golf industry with a number of new and improved upgrades. Since 2008, the Workman MDX has been a trusted staple within turf and grounds operations, and continues that legacy with improved performance, comfort and control.

The new Workman MDX now features increased horsepower compared to previous MDX vehicles, providing an impressive 1,250 lbs. (567 kg) of cargo capacity and 1,200 lbs. (544 kg) of towing capacity. Additionally, an improved carburetor-and-clutch calibration ensures shifting occurs during peak torque levels, allowing the engine to run at a higher RPM. Additionally, the automotive-grade rack-and-pinion steering system provides more control and minimizes steering effort. With more control, productivity is improved while minimizing potential operator fatigue.

“The new Workman MDX has the toughness of our trusted utility vehicle line, combined with a number of key upgrades,” says Greg Lawrence, senior product marketing manager at Toro. “The MDX now has more power and offers an even more comfortable ride, all while remaining very functional.”

The Workman MDX features a 480 cc gasoline engine and the Workman MDX-D is powered by a 600 cc diesel engine. Both models feature hydraulic brakes on all four wheels for improved control. Meanwhile, the SRQ™ suspension boasts an independent A-frame front suspension with coil-over shock absorbers, a proprietary active in-frame twister joint, and a rear suspension featuring a swing arm design. Additionally, energy-efficient LED headlights come standard in the new units.

The Workman MDX has been upgraded aesthetically as well. Virtually indestructible exterior components, gunmetal grey rims and a black cargo box give the MDX a modern and rugged look. Furthermore, the double-walled polyethylene bed, new front bumper and textured hood help prevent scratches and other damage to the exterior of the vehicle.

The Workman MDX and MDX-D will be available early spring 2016.

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