Toro’s Revolutionary SmartPark™ Braking System Makes Mowing Easier

TimeCutter-MX4260-74640co2440_tcz_74640_side_15Toro continues to find smart ways to save you time when mowing the lawn. The new steering wheel operated TimeCutter® Series zero-turn tractors now feature the exclusive SmartPark™ braking system. When the operator steps off the mower, the SmartPark system automatically sets the parking brake and turns off the mower blades, all while keeping the engine running. To continue mowing, the operator simply gets back on and quickly taps the speed control pedal to release the brake.

“The hassle of remembering to turn the deck off and set the parking brake when hopping off the mower to clear a fallen branch or other debris is a thing of the past,” said Tanner Erickson, marketing manager at Toro. “On all other riding mowers, if you forget one of these steps, the engine shuts off. We incorporated the SmartPark braking system into our TimeCutter Series zero-turn tractors to make our products even easier to use.”

In addition to making mowing easier and more convenient, the SmartPark braking system can take care of your machine even after you shut it off. If you turn off the mower, but forget to put on the brakes, the system automatically engages the parking brake five seconds after the machine is shut off. That helps ensure an easy start the next time you need to mow the lawn. You can also manually put the brake on any time you want with the push of a button.

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