What Are Weeds?

weedsWhether they are in the garden or on the lawn, weeds are not wanted.  There are products specifically designed to fight them, remove them and stop them from coming back.  But what are weeds, exactly?

Technically speaking, weeds are defined as any plant growing where it is not wanted and causing harm to the area.  If, by chance something that is commonly known as a weed is growing in a contained area and not bothering you, there’s no need to think of it as a weed.

Thistles and clover are two plants that often grow in the grass as weeds, but can also be enjoyed in the garden as perennials.  It all depends on your perspective.

How To Fight Weeds

Prevention is the best way to stop weeds.  When a lawn is well watered with healthy, strong roots there is little room for weeds to invade.  The thing about pest plants or weeds is that they can grow quickly with very little water and in less than ideal soil conditions.  That’s what makes them so predominant and allows them to spread so easily.  Keep your grass strong and it will be able to fight off weeds better than any chemicals can.

Removing weeds before they go to seed is another way to fight them.  Once the seeds have spread across your lawn (and the neighbor’s), the weed is harder to combat.

Almost a constant battle in the lawn and garden, weeds are out to invade and spread across your yard.

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