What Is a Lawn?


lawn3More than just a concentrated area of grass, a lawn is defined as a space planted with grass or other spreading plants that is kept trimmed to provide a natural carpet of foliage.  If a grassy field is not cut and left to grow wild, it should not be considered a lawn but more likely a meadow.

Purpose of a Lawn

Most times a lawn is planted with grass to make an outdoor space that’s usable and comfortable.  It is aesthetically pleasing and easy to care for.  It’s also an economical way to prevent erosion and keep the soil moist and healthy.

Other Common Terms

Many outdoor sports use a lawn as a playing surface.  They often call that area by another name and might require exact specifications to be met regarding the care and maintenance of that lawn.  In golf for instance, there is a big difference between the rough, fairway and the green.  Each of these areas might even be planted with different grass varieties.

Other terms used for a lawn are field (as in soccer), turf and pitch.  In reference to your home, a lawn is also commonly called a yard.

What Is the Maintenance Required?

Although it is a matter of preference, there is a minimal level of maintenance required for a grassy area to be called a lawn.  It should be trimmed close to the ground, although recently a trend towards wilder, les manicured lawns has taken off.  Lawns are often invaded by common weeds such as dandelions and clover and can also become food for rodents and other animals.


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