What Is Grass?

grass-10In simple terms, grass is a widely used plant with many incredible and appealing properties.  It is grown from a seed and requires the three elements that all plants need to survive – water, soil and sunlight.  There is a vast number of different grass varieties that thrive in different zones, soil and care levels, but all of them can be narrowed down to one definition.  Grass is a plant.

Weed or Wonder?

Some say grass is a weed, considering that it spreads rapidly and can take over more ornamental plantings.  Others see it is a plant that deserves to be cherished and taken care of so that it will be soft, full and healthy.  Grass can grow in many different places and depending on whether you want the plant to thrive there, you may consider it either a weed or a wonder.

Not Just for the Lawn

The term grass is the common name for the plant family properly termed graminae.  And that family includes over 6000 different species from the wheat and corn farmers grow to the bamboo used for furniture and building materials.  Plants like rice, oats and sugar cane are actually related to the grass you run on, golf on and generally enjoy.

Grass make popular for lawns because it is easy to take care of and provides a beautiful, uniform look.  Grass has roots, a crown and foliage and is very likely the most common plant grown worldwide.

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