What Is Lawn Mowing?

IMG_9293A lawn is defined as a closely trimmed patch of turf grass and lawn mowing is that process of trimming.  Without mowing your lawn would become a wild field of grass and weeds.

Mowing is also an essential step in lawn maintenance that influences how well the grass grows and how effective your lawn is at fighting off pests and disease.  Proper lawn mowing techniques are valuable and simple to learn.

The Right Way to Mow the Lawn

Although the process is important to the health of your grass, mowing is initially hard on the lawn and should be done at the optimum frequency.  Mowing too often will cause the lawn to compact and not mowing enough will make it difficult to trim to the proper height.

It’s also important to set the mower at the right height – which is often determined by the weather and the conditions of the lawn.  Remember the one third rule and don’t cut off more than one third of the grass leaves at any mowing.

Different Grass Types Have Different Mowing Preferences

Read up on the particular variety (or varieties) of grass that you have.  Most will have a length range that provides for optimum growth.  Set your mower accordingly and try to keep your lawn within that range as much as possible.

Often the last mow before the frost sets in should be a close trim.  You may find that the first few times you use the lawn mower in the spring will require the blades to be set at the farthest level, as the grass thrives in the fertile conditions of the season.  It’s also important to use a mower with a sharp blade, which will cut through the leaves instead of pulling them off.

When it’s done properly lawn mowing helps to produce a neatly trimmed and healthy patch of turf grass you can enjoy all season long.

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