Why Bluegrass Makes the Best Turf Around

grass_lushIt’s a familiar sight – a plush lawn that is healthy and bright with good color, comfortable underfoot and hardly ever bothered by pest and disease. That lawn that many homeowners dream about is very likely planted with Bluegrass, a hardy, easy to care for grass type that thrives across the planet.

Where Is Bluegrass Best?

Used most commonly in cooler season areas, Bluegrass will also grow well in transitional sites that enjoy a moderate climate but still get a decent amount of precipitation.

Bluegrass is the ultimate turf grass, meaning it is best used for areas that will experience high traffic. Think golf courses, sports fields, popular parks and many suburban backyards. Because this grass type can take the constant and heavy pressures of this activity it is a popular choice for areas that need to hold up and look good at the same time.

Care Needs

Bluegrass does require some maintenance, but with only a small amount of care this grass will provide beyond your expectations on the lawn. Water and feed regularly, paying special attention to the moisture levels during a period of drought. Bluegrass will go dormant if the climate gets too hot and dry, and also goes into a period of dormancy during the winter months. Always ready to grow again in the spring, it will also come back from a drought-induced dormancy with some gentle prodding.

Best Uses for Bluegrass

Not only will this grass seed fill up your newly seeded lawn well, but it also spreads under the ground by rhizomes and is an excellent choice for filling in bare patches.

For shady areas you’re better to use a blend of seeds that includes bluegrass, perennial ryegrass and creeping red fescue. With that combination your entire lawn will be well covered. The two supplemental grass types will fill in where the bluegrass is not ideally grown, such as in the shade or areas that get less water and more sun.

Varieties of Bluegrass

There is a vast selection of bluegrass strains available, all bearing the distinctly boat-shaped leaf tip and all armed with the durability and hardiness of this grass variety. Look for Alpine, Everest, Odyssey or Sonoma. Popular strains like Washington, Jefferson and Apollo are also readily available from your local landscape supply store.

For the turf needs of sports fields and countless homeowners, bluegrass is one of the best choices. Hardy, good looking and low on the maintenance scale, bluegrass can be combined with other varieties or used on its own to provide a full, well groomed grassy lawn.

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