WORX Introduces New TURBINE Blowers

TurbineUntil now, most cordless leaf blowers have been hard pressed to round up heavy accumulations of fall leaves or stubborn, wet yard debris that sticks tenaciously to lawns and driveways. The new WORX AIR® 20V and 56V MaxLithium™ TURBINE Blowers answer this challenge by combining cordless convenience and mobility with plenty of air volume to blast leaves, grass clippings, dirt and other debris off most surfaces, including lawns, driveways, patios, decks and garage floors.

These innovative blowers feature a powerful axial fan motor that pulls air directly into the fan and immediately forces it out through the blower tube. The compact and lightweight 20-volt TURBINE blower moves air freely across its axial fan to a maximum velocity of 340 cubic feet per minute (cfm), which is four times more powerful than previous WORX models. Its big brother, the 56-volt TURBINE blower, reaches a maximum air velocity of 465 cfm, which is five times greater than a conventional WORX blower/sweeper. This means that the job can be completed up to four or five times faster than with previous WORX models.

The TURBINE blowers feature speed control options that provide a light breeze for working in sensitive areas, such as flower beds or loose gravel. Or full power to blast debris out of the way. The 20V blower generates air speed up to 90 mph through its large-diameter tube and hyper-speed nozzle. Not to be outdone, the 56-volt blower’s air speed exceeds 100 mph.

Both blowers are powered by 2.0 amp hour MaxLithium batteries with 90-minute (56V) and 5-hour (20V) recharge times. As part of the WORX Power Share program, the batteries are interchangeable with other WORX cordless power tools of the same voltage.

Both TURBINE blower models are constructed of high-impact nylon composite, and are ergonomically designed and balanced for one-handed operation. They feature a soft-grip comfort handle to help reduce fatigue, especially with extended use. No tools are required for blower assembly.

Homeowners are free to roam with these power-packed cordless blowers without being tethered to an electrical outlet or dragging along an extension cord. The eco-friendly blowers are virtually maintenance-free. There are no gas cans to fill, motor oil to spill, cords to pull repeatedly or costly seasonal tune-ups.

The WORX AIR TURBINE blowers are covered by the WORX 3-year warranty. The WORX AIR 20V MaxLithium TURBINE Blower (WG546, $99.99) is available at Walmart, Amazon and http://www.worx.com. The 56V MaxLithium TURBINE Blower (WG591, $199.99) also is available at http://www.worx.com

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