New Products to Help Your Garden Thrive

The castings that worms produce as they eat organic matter are truly Mother Nature’s original fertilizer. In rural New York State, a creative agribusiness now uses millions of hungry worms to recycle organic waste and produce natural fertilizer..

Can Fertilizer Harm Your Lawn?

The quick and easy answer is - yes, fertilizer can harm your lawn. However there are certain conditions that cause this harm to happen and it’s not generally the fault of the fertilizer.

Finding the Right Type of Fertilizer For Your Lawn

Shopping for fertilizer can be a daunting experience, given the seemingly huge selection of fertilizers on the market. How do you know which type is right for your lawn and does the time of year make a difference?

Organic Versus Non-Organic Lawn Care

Your lawn is an important part of your home, providing a place for the family to play outdoors safely and comfortably. Caring for and maintaining that grass requires work and the methods that you choose for lawn care can have a far reaching effect.

Do I Need to Fertilize My Lawn?

Grass is a low maintenance plant, but even your lawn needs care at regular intervals. Besides trimming, mowing and weeding, you may be asking whether or not it is necessary to fertilize the lawn. As long as it’s done right, this task is essential ...

How Often Should I Fertilize My Lawn?

The answer to this common question spells the difference between a healthy lawn and a patchy, unattractive yard. If you fertilize too often the balance of nutrients will burn and damage the grass. Fertilize at the wrong time and the weeds may ...

What Is Fertilizer?

To maintain a healthy, thriving lawn it is highly recommended that you use fertilizer, often in the spring as well as in the fall.

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