Match Your Watering Gear to Your Garden Type

There’s one summertime chore you can’t get around: watering. Though buying a hose, sprinkler or watering can to help with the task might be tempting, one generic tool won’t solve every backyard watering challenge.

Is Too Much Water a Bad Thing For Your Lawn?

Grass, much like any other plant that thrives in soil, will not take well to soaked roots and constant water.

When and How Often You Should Water Your Lawn

Watering is an essential lawn maintenance task. In order for this process to have a positive effect on your grass you need to learn how to water properly. The timing and method are the two important factors.

Exploring Automatic Sprinkler System Options

A convenient way to water your lawn without any manual labor, an automatic sprinkler system is a wise path to a healthy lawn.

Lawns That Use Less Water

Whether you live in an arid climate or just want to enjoy a tolerant lawn, there are options out there. Growing a lawn that uses less water is easy with the right planning and good choices.

Do I Need To Water My Lawn?

Consumers are finally beginning to understand the value of fresh, clean water. And that means that water conservation is becoming a hot topic everywhere. In an effort to save this precious resource many homeowners are wondering whether they actually ...

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