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Grow in Any Season with High Quality Northern Heritage Cedar Greenhouses

Enjoy the beauty and warmth of a solid cedar greenhouse with the new Northern Heritage Greenhouse, which features an energy-efficient design.

Tend Your Garden Year-Round with a Compact Greenhouse

Have limited space for a greenhouse? Now you can grow your own organic food all year—affordably and in a small space.

Can Fertilizer Harm Your Lawn?

The quick and easy answer is - yes, fertilizer can harm your lawn. However there are certain conditions that cause this harm to happen and it’s not generally the fault of the fertilizer.

Is It Necessary to Test Your Soil for Pesticides?

Practicing organic lawn care means that you work hard to avoid pesticide use. Pesticide testing will allow you to find out whether your soil is contaminated, to what degree and by what pesticides.

Is Too Much Water a Bad Thing For Your Lawn?

Grass, much like any other plant that thrives in soil, will not take well to soaked roots and constant water.

5 Easy Organic Lawn Care Tips

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of organic lawn care. These five easy tips will get you started on organic lawn care and the success you have with it will be motivation to keep going.

The Difference Between Chemical and Organic Lawn Fertilizer

The debate over chemical versus organic lawn fertilizers is still going strong. Many state that using chemical-based products is damaging to the environment.

How to Grow Eco Friendly Lawns

Your grass can be considered environmentally friendly in a few different ways. If the soil is healthy and stays that way without the use of harmful chemicals and toxins you have made an important step towards a “green” lawn.

When and How Often You Should Water Your Lawn

Watering is an essential lawn maintenance task. In order for this process to have a positive effect on your grass you need to learn how to water properly. The timing and method are the two important factors.

Finding the Right Type of Fertilizer For Your Lawn

Shopping for fertilizer can be a daunting experience, given the seemingly huge selection of fertilizers on the market. How do you know which type is right for your lawn and does the time of year make a difference?

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