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The Best Eco Friendly Lawn Mowers

Eco friendly lawn mowers are available. And for those who already have a lawn mower, there are certain processes and settings that can make your existing mower greener.

How to Choose Between Sod and Seed for New Lawns

You have two choices when it comes to growing a healthy lawn – sod or seed. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and much depends on your circumstances, budget and schedule.

Exploring Automatic Sprinkler System Options

A convenient way to water your lawn without any manual labor, an automatic sprinkler system is a wise path to a healthy lawn.

Durable Grass Types For a Lush Lawn

Every lawn will take a beating from foot traffic, the weather and weed attacks. The most sought after lawns are those that are planted with durable grass types.

Lawns That Use Less Water

Whether you live in an arid climate or just want to enjoy a tolerant lawn, there are options out there. Growing a lawn that uses less water is easy with the right planning and good choices.

Organic Versus Non-Organic Lawn Care

Your lawn is an important part of your home, providing a place for the family to play outdoors safely and comfortably. Caring for and maintaining that grass requires work and the methods that you choose for lawn care can have a far reaching effect.

Best Grass Seeds For New Lawns and Lawn Repairs

Spreading grass seed is an inexpensive way to produce a healthy lush lawn from bare dirt or fill in damaged areas in an existing yard. To get the best results you will need to choose the best grass seed, which depends on a number of things including ...

Do I Need to Fertilize My Lawn?

Grass is a low maintenance plant, but even your lawn needs care at regular intervals. Besides trimming, mowing and weeding, you may be asking whether or not it is necessary to fertilize the lawn. As long as it’s done right, this task is essential ...

Why Bluegrass Makes the Best Turf Around

It’s a familiar sight - a plush lawn that is healthy and bright with good color, comfortable underfoot and hardly ever bothered by pest and disease. That lawn that many homeowners dream about is very likely planted with Bluegrass, a hardy, easy to ...

Do I Need To Water My Lawn?

Consumers are finally beginning to understand the value of fresh, clean water. And that means that water conservation is becoming a hot topic everywhere. In an effort to save this precious resource many homeowners are wondering whether they actually ...

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